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Ringo Vine: “Allison massaged my typically very nervous and very skittish boy, Spud, after we had run barrels two days in a row. He LOVED her and absolutely immediately responded to her massage with licks and snoozin! He usually takes a very long time to warm up to new people, but Allison has excellent quiet horse energy and could read him really well. The best part? After his massage he ran his fastest time all weekend and won us 1st in the 1D of the Master’s class! She is a most excellent massage therapist!

Mishee Kearney: “Allison did a great job massaging my horse today! She was very patient as he was wiggly, and explained what she was doing while she did it. Can’t recommend her enough!


Sunny: “My mom’s the freakin best! I love it when she massage me, almost as much as how much I love running around barrels.

Wayne: “I don’t deserve a massage yet, but I can’t wait to get one, heard about it from all the other ponies! Oh! Do you have any cookies?

Pheonix: “Wow wow wow! The best massage ever!! I was yawning like no other when she was massaging me.

Magic: “I’m a big girl and its hard pleasing me, but when Allison was massaging me I was very pleased, would recommend to anyone!!